Concentrated Clorox enters market


OAKLAND, Calif. — Clorox has released a concentrated version of its namesake liquid bleach.

The concentrated Clorox is designed to improve whitening on clothes and significantly reduce the amount of water and plastic used, ultimately helping minimize Clorox bleach's and the company's environmental footprint. The change reduces the typical 96-oz. bleach bottle to a 64-oz. size.

"Concentrated Clorox regular bleach was created for today's consumers to meet the need for a product that fits their lifestyle," said Benno Dorer, SVP for the Clorox cleaning division. "The Clorox Co. has been in business for 100 years. To be successful over such a long period of time requires respect for tradition and quality, coupled with constant innovation in product improvements to keep delighting our consumers. The new concentrated bleach is just a more modern version of the same quality product that has been around for 100 years."

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