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Fresh is driving new trips to drug stores — there is no denying. But, in general, drug stores have been good at creating more reasons to shop their stores. DSN identified a few hot consumables and GM products that are likely to help grow impulse purchases.

Packed with guarana, a 2.2-oz. pouch of Perky Jerky has as much caffeine as two cans of Diet Coke. Traditionally a male-dominated purchase, Perky Jerky skews decidedly female, bringing an incremental buyer to the category. It comes in two flavors, but the low-sodium turkey outsells beef 3-to-2.

The Salty & Sweet line of M&M’s comes in Peanut — almonds, pretzels, shortbread cookies and Peanut M&M’s; Milk Chocolate — peanuts, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies and plain M&M’s; and Dark Chocolate — almonds, pretzels, raisins and Dark Chocolate M&M’s.

Doritos brings the heat with its two new Dinamita flavors: Chile Limon and Nacho Picoso. Smartfood has emerged with a Selects line, including puffed corn, popcorn and popped chips in a variety of flavors.

ShedRain WalkSafe umbrellas use 3M Scotchlite reflective material on every panel to give the user enhanced visibility from every angle. Every year, 71,000 people — one every seven minutes — is hit by a car; 65% of fatalities occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Slippers with a personality! The plush, adorable Stompeez slippers from IdeaVillage are great for boys and girls. What makes these slippers unique is that they pop up when you walk. For little guys there’s a growling dragon; for her, there’s a unicorn and a perky pink puppy. The dragon is available in a size small, the unicorn in a small and medium, and the puppy in small, medium and large.

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