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CRN celebrates 100 years of vitamins


WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition on Wednesday honored the 100th anniversary of the "vitamin," a term that was coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish-American biochemist, in 1912. In the century since then, scientists have uncovered the specific functions of vitamins and established the many benefits of adequate intakes of the nutrients.

“Even the most conscientious consumers find it difficult to get all the nutrients they need from food alone,” stated Annette Dickinson, author of a new book, "The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements" published by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. “We hope that the 100th anniversary commemoration will remind consumers that nutrient shortfalls can have health consequences and that supplementing the diet with vitamins can positively benefit our lives."  

CRN recently released the fourth edition of "The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements," which assesses the current state of the science on the health benefits associated with nutritional supplements. The report relays that consistent, rational use of vitamins contributes to overall health and wellness throughout all age groups, lifestyles, and life stages.

The book can be downloaded at no charge at

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