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Crosscare launches colic remedy into Duane Reade


CHICAGO — Crosscare on Tuesday announced that their colic remedy, Colief Infant Drops, is now available at Duane Reade stores. 

Pediatrician Bob Sears, co-author in the Sears Parenting Library and brand spokesman, partnered with Colief earlier in the year to help spread awareness about this over-the-counter treatment for colic, as the product has successfully treated more than half of the colic cases seen in his patients. "Some babies have immature digestive systems, which prevent them from properly breaking down the lactose found in breast milk and formula," he said. "This causes severe discomfort from bloating and gas — which is expressed through the distressed crying."

Colief contains the naturally occurring enzyme lactase, which helps to break down the lactose for easier digestion, and allows babies with a temporary inability to digest lactose to be fed their usual milk — i.e., breast milk or formula — with much less discomfort, the company stated. 

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