CVS Health social campaign, commercial fuel 'health is everything' message


WOONSOCKET, R.I. — In the wake of CVS Caremark’s announcement Wednesday morning that it has changed its name to CVS Health to better reflect its broader healthcare commitment and stopped selling tobacco in all its stores about one month earlier than anticipated, the company is embarking on a marketing initiative that includes a new commercial and a social campaign.

To help millions of Americans quit smoking and to spread the message that “health is everything” at CVS Health, the retailer has created a new commercial dubbed “We Wish.”

“The wish we wish above all, for ourselves and for those we love, is health. So we quit selling cigarettes in our CVS pharmacies and designed a comprehensive program to help smokers quit too,” the commercial states. “… Introducing CVS Health — a new approach, a new purpose, a new promise to do everything we can to help all those wishes come true.”

Meanwhile, consumers, politicians and healthcare associations are among those flocking to Twitter to take part in the company’s new social campaign — #OneGoodReason. Through this campaign, CVS Health is inviting everyone to share their personal stories of how smoking and tobacco use have impacted their lives.

Twitter highlights include:




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