CVS Pharmacy encourages patients to prepare for Hurricane Harvey

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — With Hurrican Harvey bearing down on the Texas coast, CVS Pharmacy is encouraging patients to prepare for the storm by taking care of their prescription needs before it makes landfall.

"In light of the hurricane warnings and evacuation orders now in effect along the Texas coast, CVS Pharmacy is urging patients to visit our stores before the storm makes landfall, to ensure that they have the medications they need to ride out the storm,” CVS Health EVP retail pharmacy and supply chain Kevin Hourican said. "CVS Pharmacy has been proactively reaching out to our pharmacy patients via text message and email to remind them to refill prescriptions before the severe weather hits."

CVS Pharmacy said that patients in areas expected to be affected by the storm and who have opted in to the pharmacy’s notification programs may receive phone calls, text messages and mobile app notifications depending on the status of their prescriptions. It also has been working with insurers to help facilitate early prescription refills for patients.

“CVS Pharmacy and CVS Caremark, our pharmacy benefit management business, have activated a process that allows pharmacists to provide one-time emergency refills of a 10-day supply of medication for plan members impacted in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Hourican.

Additionally, the company said its stores are stocked with such emergency items as bottled water, batteries, flashlights and first aid supplies. It also suggested patients have an evacuation plan, and that they store all medications with a written record of current prescriptions in a waterproof container. The company said it and the CVS Health Foundation were working with local nonprofits, first responders, elected officials and government agencies along the Texas coast to identify the critical supplies and support needed to help with relief and recovery efforts.