Delhaize America takes spotlight during 2014



BRUSSELS, Belgium — Delhaize America proved to be the shining star for Delhaize Group during 2014 as it generated a lift in revenues and positive same-store sales growth of 4.4%.

“We are pleased with the progress at Delhaize America as both Food Lion and Hannaford achieved solid revenue growth while maintaining profitability. In Belgium, after several difficult months, we have now reached an agreement with our social partners and are starting to implement the different steps of the Transformation Plan. In Southeastern Europe, market share increases are encouraging, despite the continued challenging economic backdrop,” stated Frans Muller, CEO of Delhaize Group.

Muller added, “The “Easy, Fresh & Affordable” strategic initiative, which is designed to differentiate Food Lion relative to its local competitors, has made good progress in 2014. Therefore we will roll out Easy, Fresh & Affordable to an additional 160 stores in 2015. We believe this will favorably position us in an increasingly competitive Southeastern U.S. market. While we are focused on maintaining our sales momentum, we are also mindful of non-recurring costs related to Food Lion´s strategic initiatives.”

In 2014, U.S. operations generated revenues of $17.7 billion (€13.4 billion), an increase of 6.6% in local currency compared with 2013. Excluding the 53rd trading week, revenues increased by 4.5%. Comparable store sales growth was 4.4%.

In fourth-quarter 2014, revenues in the United States increased by 12.1% to $4.7 billion (€3.7 billion). Excluding the 53rd trading week, revenues increased by 3.8% to $4.3 billion (€3.4 billion). Comparable store sales growth was 3.6% supported by retail inflation of 2.6%.


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