Della Ricca Hair Color introduces new at-home hair coloring alternative


HOUSTON — The at-home hair coloring market just got a little more competitive as Della Ricca Hair Color has announced that it now is offering clients an at-home hair coloring alternative to salon visits and store-bought hair color solutions.

Inspired to help people color their hair at home with confidence, Karen Anne Vinson, founder of Della Ricca Hair Color, is providing clients with an affordable professional-grade hair color that is custom blended to fit individual needs.

Della Ricca is providing clients a free consultation with a “color concierge,” in person or via Skype, to discuss hair color needs. These hair colorists then create a custom-blended color formula based on a wide range of criteria, including eye color, skin tone, hair texture, thickness and coloring history.

Within 10 days after a consultation, clients receive a custom color kit in the mail for $30, plus shipping, for the first order, and $25 for each additional application. Each color kit includes the customized color, a developer and personalized instructions written specifically for the client’s hair. Clients also have the option to receive automatic, ongoing deliveries to ensure color consistency.

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