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Designer Protein declares entire portfolio gluten-free


LOS ANGELES — Designer Protein on Wednesday announced its line of protein supplements are now all gluten-free, marking one of the first protein brands to be able to make a gluten-free claim across its entire portfolio of products, the company noted. 

"We are constantly looking to bring high-quality, consumer-desired protein products to the market," stated Grace Jean, Designer Protein CEO. "With an increasing number of consumers making gluten-free choices, we felt it was critical to attain the official 'GF' certification across our entire line."

All Designer Whey products will now feature the official "GF" logo that signifies that the Gluten-Free Certification Organization has found less that 10 ppm of gluten in all raw and finished Designer Whey products and has audited all of its manufacturing facilities. The new packaging will be shipped in the fall. 



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