Drug for overactive bladder effective in patients who haven't responded well to earlier therapy, study finds


NEW YORK — A drug made by Pfizer and used to treat overactive bladder was effective in reducing leakage of urine in patients with the disorder, according to the results of a post-approval clinical study.

Pfizer announced Friday results of a phase-4 study of Toviaz (fesoterodine fumarate) in the reduction of urge urinary incontinence in patients with OAB who had a less than 50% reduction in UUI when taking Detrol LA (tolterodine tartrate), a commonly prescribed treatment for the condition also made by Pfizer.

"This study adds to the body of evidence supporting Toviaz as an effective treatment of patients with overactive bladder, including patients who may not have responded to Detrol LA," Weill Cornell Medical College urology professor and principal study investigator Steven Kaplan said.

The 14-week study included 642 patients who were divided roughly in half into two groups, one of which received Toviaz and the other of which received placebo.

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