Drug Store Shopping Report Card


This month, DSN C2B Mobile Insights presents the Drug Store Shopping Report Card. We asked our C2Bers to rate their most recent trip to the drug store — or wherever it is they go primarily to shop for pharmacy and health and beauty items. We received more than 1,500 responses from all over the country.

What stores did they shop — and why is it their primary shopping destination? How long did the trip take? Was it longer than they expected? If so, why? Could they find what they were looking for? What did they think of the service? How was the checkout experience? What items did they originally plan to purchase? What did they buy on impulse — and what made them want to buy those extra items? How did they shop the store? Did they bring coupons? Did any use their smartphones and what did they use them for?

1) Approximately how long was your shopping trip?


2) Did your shopping trip last longer than you expected?


3) If your shopping trip was longer than you expected, why do you think that was?


4) What did you originally plan to purchase on your trip?



5) Did you purchase anything today that you had not originally planned on buying?


6) If you purchased anything you had not planned on, what was it?



7) If you purchased an unanticipated item, what prompted you to buy it? What was the reason fo your purchase?


8) Did you look through any coupon books or store circulars before or during your trip?


9) If you looked at coupons or circulars, did you bring them with you or pick them up in the store?


10) If you brought coupons with you, how did you get them?


11) Did you use a store loyalty card when checking out?


12) How did you carry your items when shopping?


13) Did you use your smartphone while shopping today?


14) If you used your smartphone, what did you use it for?


15) Did you shop alone on this trip?


16) If you shopped with someone else, did they cause you to purchase something you had not planned on buying?


17) If someone you shopped with caused you to make an unplanned purchase, what was it?

* Other refers to such items as lawn art, plants, flashlight, tea keattle, flip-flops, t-shirts, etc.


18) Where did you shop on this trip?


19) Why is this your preferred store to shop for you health and beauty needs?

* Other refers to such reasons as routine/familiarity, hours of operation, "I work there," drive-through pharmacy and cleanliness.

Drug Store News has partnered with Engage.Me to develop the DSN/C2B Mobile Insights series as a regular feature and premium content offering for DrugStoreNews.com users. Interested in utilizing DSN/Engage.Me field research capabilities for exclusive research on your company? Contact Rob Eder at [email protected].

This survey was conducted by Engagement Media Technologies using the Gevius mobile application and EMTech backend. The campaign had 1,522 participants — 51% male and 49% female. The breakdown of participant age range is: 18 to 25 years old (22%), 26 to 35 years old (28%), 36 to 45 years old (22%), 46 to 59 years old (20%), and 60 years old and up (8%).

The geographic breakdown of respondents is:

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