DSE Healthcare Solutions addresses sensitive bladder health issue with video campaign


EDISON, N.J. — DSE Healthcare Solutions recently released an OTC category video campaign under its Cystex brand name that is taking off virally, adressing a topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention because of its sensitive nature — sex and urinary tract infections. 


As part of the "Cystex Your Bladder Matters" video series — the campaign promotes good bladder health with the recent release of "Burning Love," a new music video for the brand aiming to help educate women about the sex and UTI connection. 


“Shining the light on a sensitive issue, Cystex continues to bring women’s urinary health to the forefront in an approachable and fun manner that consumers can identify with,” said Robin Russo, president Robin Leedy & Associates. “After the success of the Cystex Kegel video, which has more than 52,000 views on YouTube, we came to believe that a direct approach to a fairly niche topic and audience in the video format was effective in reaching UTI sufferers.”  


“Cystex is a legacy brand that continues to reinvent itself to resonate with a growing audience,” said Raymond Abrahamsen, VP new products at DSE Healthcare Solutions. “Our goal with the launch of the 'Burning Love' video remains to educate and encourage important discussion of women’s urinary health continuing off the success of our first music video in the series. We’ve worked with RL&A on the Cystex brand for more than five years, and the Your Bladder Matters campaign and videos — which is an integral part of our consumer outreach — have definitely resonated with the target audience with brand sales continuing to climb for the past several years.”    


Using an integrated approach with strategized video tactics and promotional efforts via the brand’s social media channels as well as through social influencers, the “Burning Love” music video has garnered almost 50,000 views to date, with a successful completion rate of 85%. “Considering that most YouTube videos have a completion rate of 20%, despite length, 'Burning Love' has already proven to hit home with the brand’s target audience once again,” Russo said.


Check out the video at www.youtube.com/cystexvideoseries.


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