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DSE Healthcare Solutions signs with KimbleLabs to utilize SEWP


EDISON, N.J. — DSE Healthcare Solutions, a CPG company, announced that it has signed an agreement with KimbleLabs to use SEWP, a software-as-a-service ERP-Lite application. SEWP will provide web-enabled data management as well as analytics for the company that relate to factory sales, retail sales and consumption forecasting.


“We are very impressed with SEWP’s ability to collect, combine, and organize our data while instantly generating up-to-date reports,” said Steve Fritz, CMO. “Having these tools at our fingertips not only helps us make better decisions faster, it increases our quality of life while managing the business.”


The SEWP software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is part of a growing trend in technology. Instead of installing and maintaing hardware and software, companies access applications via the internet. Because of the efficiencies in SaaS development and delivery, software like SEWP can deliver analytics at a fraction of the cost of fully developed ERP systems. 


“SEWP is a collection of solution-based modules customized for CPG firms. They can be subscribed to independently, or as DSE Healthcare Solutions is doing they can be interconnected to deliver synergistic value,” said Roger Olsen, CMO of KimbleLabs.

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