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DSN reader polls show narrow preference for Trump

As Election Day draws near, it looks like a slim majority of Drug Store News readers would prefer to see Donald Trump in the White House, according to our most recent online reader poll. Though the candidates are separated by fewer than 100 votes, at press time, 51% of readers (1163 votes) said they would vote Trump if the election were tomorrow, whereas 49% (1101 votes) said Hillary Clinton was their pick.

These are the most recent results, but Drug Store News has been asking readers all year for their opinions on which candidate’s policies they would favor.

We began the year asking readers which health care solutions proposed by major candidates they thought would be best, offering a choice between building on and improving the Affordable Care Act, repealing and replacing the ACA, or a ‘Medicare for all’ system. Out of 2168 votes, 40% of readers favored repealing and replacing the ACA, with 36% preferring to build on and improve it. Twenty-four percent of readers said they would like to see a single-payer system.

In May, we asked which presidential ticket — between Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine and Donald Trump/Mike Pence — would have the most positive impact on our readers’ businesses. Out of 697 votes, 42% said Clinton/Kaine would be best, while 58% said Trump/Pence would have the most positive impact on their businesses.

And while there is a clear preference for Trump/Pence in the business arena, DSN readers are much more closely split on the question of which ticket would be best for health care. Out of 688 votes, 341 favor Clinton/Kaine, while 347 say Trump/Pence would have the most positive health care impact if elected.

Is the race as close as our polls suggest? Do you think our readers picked the best candidate? Tell us what you think by sharing your views in the comments below.

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