DSNTV: Chuck Ball, SVP, Distribution Services, AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp.

Ball talked to DSN about the work the company has done to improve its customer experience, including a massive $1 billion investment in infrastructure that has modernized its supply chain, including several new distribution centers and new technology that is helping to make it easier for its customers to do business with AmerisourceBergen — and helping the company reach new levels of what Ball describes as “operational agility.”

Using the example of a recent major generic drug launch, Ball told DSN about how the investments are allowing AmerisourceBergen to respond faster than ever to customer and manufacturer needs. “Because of FDA requirements, we couldn’t release the orders until 12:01 am that Monday, but the manufacturer wanted distribution to all customers on Monday morning,” he explained, adding that in the past, it would have had to deliver the orders that Tuesday. “I am proud to say we got 99.9% of the product delivered on Monday.”
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