DSNTV: Chuck Reed, Group VP, Pharmacy Innovation and Solutions, AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp.

Reed told DSN about the work AmerisourceBergen has done to build its Elevate Provider Network into a “smarter” pharmacy services administration organization, enabling its customers to maximize reimbursement opportunities, plug profit leaks, deliver access to patient lives, and perhaps most important, how it is helping its customers to outperform the rest of the pharmacy market in both the EQuIPP Star ratings and prescription growth.

“Seventy percent of our members have a five-star ranking in one or more of the adherence measures in the EQuIPP Star ratings system. Of those, 40% of our stores have one or more scores in the top 20% of all pharmacies,” Reed said. And citing data from IMS for the 12 months ended May 2016, “the market grew at 1.9%,” he told DSN. “Drug chains had only 2.9% growth and independents were flat, yet our independents grew 3.4%.”
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