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DSNTV: Jennifer Zilka, VP, Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Zilka talked to DSN about the work of the company’s business coaching and pharmacy ownership teams, how the two are interconnected, and how they are helping Good Neighbor Pharmacy owners manage and grow their businesses — both at the pharmacy, as well as the often over-looked front-end of the store — and how they are “helping independent pharmacy stay independent” by matching the right buyers and sellers.

“My teams are both an investment in the independent pharmacy owner — our sole goal is to help them be more successful,” Zilka told DSN. “We’re not selling them anything. By helping to keep them in the community, continuing a legacy, maximizing the value of the business, we really get behind the counter and become one of them. It’s rare that they don’t think of us as an extension of their own staff.”
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