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DSNTV: Peter Kounelis, VP, Elevate Provider Network

Kounelis talked to DSN about Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s unique approach to preferred pharmacy networks, how its strategy differs from its competitors, what factors impact the company’s decision to participate — or not to participate — in a preferred network, and how it is educating its Good Neighbor Pharmacy customers on why participating in every network can hurt their business.

“Two years ago, we caught a lot of heat because many of our competitors were putting out information that you absolutely needed to be in every preferred cost-share network because otherwise you’d lose access to patients,” he told DSN in a candid discussion. “Not only was that not true, it turned out it wasn’t a very smart strategy. There is a point of diminishing return where participating in every network … because you lose the ability — the time, the resources, the wherewithal — to treat the patients you have. At some point it just collapses on its own logic.”
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