Duracell Powermat brings 24-hour system to New York market, online


NEW YORK — The joint venture between Procter & Gamble's Duracell brand and Powermat Technologies is bringing its Duracell Powermat products to major retail outlets in the New York market, along with select online retailers and DuracellPowermat.com.

The Duracell Powermat 24-hour power system, available for iPhone 4 and 4S products, includes three components: a sleek charging mat that serves as a wireless power transmitter, a smartphone case and portable backup battery serves as your personal portable charger, providing one full charge while on the go.

Earlier this year, Duracell Powermat unveiled its lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and confirmed rapper and business mogul Shawn "Jay Z" Carter as the venture's investment partner and spokesman.

"Today's smartphones are our right hand: evermore powerful, but at the same time ever quicker to run out of power, barely lasting through the afternoon. With the Duracell Powermat 24-hour power system, users can now fully utilize their phone throughout the day without having to worry about the battery life," Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz said. "And, with our upcoming Wireless Power Nation, this will get even easier. People will be able to charge wirelessly on embedded 'wireless power hot spots' in public venues where they travel and interact throughout their day. All they will need to do is put their phone on the table, same thing they normally do. The only difference is that now, their smartphones will get charged from the table."

Later this fall, Duracell Powermat 24-hour power system will be available in retail outlets nationwide and will support not only the iPhone, but also an array of other leading smartphones.

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