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Dust-Off unveils new packaging, merchandising options


BRANCHBURG, N.J. -- A leading brand of consumer electronic and household cleaning products has launched a packaging refresh for its line of screen cleaners and compressed gas dusters.

Dust-Off says the new packaging was designed to appeal to a wider demographic outside of the electronics cleaning market. The new designs join Dust-Off’s expansive line of electronic screen cleaning products and computer compressed gas dusters.

“We feel that it’s important that we make our customers aware that Dust-Off, especially our compressed gas duster, isn’t just for your electronics anymore. There are over a 100 uses for our duster all around your home and office ranging from cleaning your keyboard, to cleaning your jewelry, to art projects,” said Jen Rappaport, director of marketing at Dust-Off. “We looked very carefully at who is buying cleaning and DIY products and what appeals the most to them, then partnered with an independent research company to test a number of design options. Based on feedback from our research, we created fresh and vibrant packaging that not only speaks to women, the main household buyer in these categories, but also stands out on store shelves in any department.”

The new eye-catching blue and green packaging is now being offered on a variety of Dust-Off duster and screen care products.  These new products will provide retailers with more merchandising options for both hanging and shelf placement.  There is also a new POP display available. Products featuring the new look include:

  • Dusters -- Dust-Off’s Duster is ideal for a number of cleaning tasks around the home and office including household items such as blinds and collectibles, computers, keyboards and other electronics. It’s also a useful tool for DIY and art projects including scrapbooking, pastel drawings, woodworking, sewing and quilting. The Duster is available in 7oz and 10oz cans.

  • Screen Wipes in Packets -- Dust-Off’s grab-and-go pre-moistened screen wipe sachets are designed to keep mobile devices free of dirt and grime anywhere. The single-use sachets are perfect to store in a purse or pockets. Packets are available in a 24-sachet box, 32-or 75-sachet resealable pouches or 200-count share pack jar, ideal for offices.

  • Screen Wipes in Flow Pack -- With its slim design, the 24-count resealable Flow Pack was made for travel. The pre-moistened wipes quickly and safely clean any portable screen while easily storing in a purse, briefcase or carry-on.

  • Screen Cleaner Kit -- The Dust-Off Screen Cleaner Kit features a two-part cleaning system—Dust-Off’s exclusive slow-run formula screen care spray and an oversized microfiber cloth. The system is designed to safely and effectively clean screens around the home. The microfiber cloth is machine washable for repeated use, and the kit can be stored in the resealable pouch packaging.

“We not only want to appeal to consumers at a retail level, but we also want them to see us as a resource for all their cleaning, organizational and DYI needs,” Rappaport said. “In conjunction with our packaging launch, we’re also rolling out a new digital marketing strategy. Now when consumers visit, our Facebook page and recently debuted Pinterest page, they will not only receive the electronics cleaning know-how they come to expect from Dust-Off, but they’ll also learn how to use our products for their cleaning, crafting and DIY needs."

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