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E-Nicotine Technology to move forward with product launch


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — E-Nicotine Technology has announced details regarding its family of products aimed at helping smokers as they transition off of combustible cigarettes.

Having recently completed clinical trials in nearly 100 smokers and showing an 83% reduction in one minute and sustained smoking urge reduction, eNT is moving forward toward the launch of its family of electronic nicotine delivery products.

“We believe that our products are poised to capture a significant market share given that they can be marketed at a substantially lower cost, can be used discreetly and will help consumers rid themselves of a habit that has been shortening lives for decades,” stated Jeff Williams, CEO of eNT. “Additionally, our product platform is amendable to eventual development as a more traditional nicotine replacement therapy, which are marketed for smoking cessation by pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Pfizer. For our initial product, we will be launching commercially across Europe first.”

The eNT technology enables the development of products that do not look like cigarettes or e-cigarettes and emit no secondhand vapor. The initial launch product includes a reusable electronic controller that comes standard with an interface to proprietary mobile e-health tools, allowing each user to track their usage and help them to transition completely off of cigarettes and nicotine if they choose.

“By developing a family of electronic nicotine delivery devices that do not look like cigarettes, emit no secondhand vapor and provide a consistent dose with each inhalation, we are pursuing an important and novel approach to helping smokers,” added Michael Hufford, chief medical officer of eNT.

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