Elmer's introduces new adhesive


COLUMBUS, OH — Elmer's Products, a supplier of adhesives, has introduced Elmer’s ProBond Advanced, a multi-service adhesive designed for mixed-material projects, to its line of products. The product provides the strength of polyurethane glue without the foam residue that could potentially ruin a project's finished appearance, the company said.

"As trends, tastes and aspirations evolve, the brand that people grew up trusting is delivering a mixed-material formula as unique and versatile as their most creative home project ideas. Whether you're working with stone, metal, ceramic, wood or glass, 'opposites attract, as ProBond Advanced's unique formula makes it easy to bond porous to non-porous materials," said Elmer's product manager, Emily von Stein. "From do-it-yourself novices to experts, you can rely on ProBond Advanced to provide the heavy-duty strength and durability you need without the mess."

ProBond Advanced is nontoxic and 100% weatherproof, allowing project enthusiasts to use it safely indoors or outdoors any time of the year.

For best application, ProBond Advanced should when be used air, parts and glue are warmer than 60F. The adhesive also should be used on clean, dry and oil and grease-free surfaces. ProBond Advanced is recommended when bonding porous and semi-porous materials, like ceramic, wood, pottery and drywall to non-porous surfaces, such as glass, metal and stone.


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