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Emdeon announces co-pay assistance program


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Emdeon on Monday announced the launch of Emdeon Easy Save for retail pharmacies. The program gives access to some of the largest copay assistance programs available also while encouraging retail pharmacies to offer copay coupon programs to customers when they need it, according to the company.

"We know from industry research that lower out-of-pocket patient costs can lead to higher medication compliance, and that in turn, higher medication compliance typically leads to better health outcomes," said Kevin Mahoney, EVP of pharmacy services for Emdeon. "We are proud to deliver a simplified copay coupon assistance program to the pharmacies we serve as they strive to increase medication compliance and reduce patients' costs."

Emdeon partnered with PSKW, a provider of biopharma loyalty relationship marketing services, to deliver the program. PSKW helps identify the best available offer for copay assistance. Results from Emdeon Easy Save data have shown that patients refill their prescriptions with more frequency — two to three more prescription refills per year — and stay on therapy longer than patients who are not offered copay assistance programs, the company said.

"With so many competing economic priorities out there for patients, we are pleased to work with Emdeon to provide a straightforward solution that maximizes PSKW's broad pharma relationships and pairs that with Emdeon's vast reach into the retail pharmacy," said Robert Previdi, chairman and CEO of PSKW.

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