Energizer to roll out flameless wax candles collection


ST. LOUIS — Energizer has teamed up with Liown Electronics for its latest line of flameless wax candles.

Made with real wax and featuring advanced LED technology, Energizer said the candles offer the same benefits of a traditional flamed candle without the worry of open flames. The collection will include a broad range of colors and scents, traditional size pillars, as well as votives and a full assortment of seasonal options.

"People love the wonderful scents and ambiance candles create, but often are worried about the safety of an open flame," Energizer's general manager of strategic ventures Anne Bannister said. "These candles are perfect for families with children and pets or those that worry about forgetting to blow out their candles. We expect a great response from retailers and consumers to our new LED flameless wax candles that are both safe and beautiful, and deliver the quality they’ve come to expect from the Energizer brand."

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