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Estée Lauder develops new beauty brand for Asian skin


NEW YORK — Estée Lauder has developed through IdeaBank — a division of the BeautyBank organization within Estée Lauder — a new beauty brand to meet the unique needs of Asian skin.

The new Osiao brand will debut exclusively in Hong Kong with Lane Crawford at the Canton Road and Times Square locations, starting in mid-October. Simultaneously, the brand will launch with Cathay Pacific Airways, in which a tailored selection of products will be offered on their Hong Kong flights.

“As a luxury skin care line developed in Asia, for the Asian woman, Osiao delivers on what they have known for centuries: radiant skin glowing from within is beautiful skin. We are thrilled to be able to offer her a truly unique and customized line of products that meets her desires,” stated Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, global brand president at Aramis & Designer Fragrances, BeautyBank and IdeaBank.

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine, Western dermatology and product formulation science from the East and the West joined together to form the Osiao Asia Skin Institute and focused solely on the science of skin light. They conducted studies and in-depth analyses of the skin of thousands of Asian women in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. These studies resulted in an understanding of the mechanisms of skin and how to restore skin’s natural radiance.

The scientists and dermatologists of the Osiao Asia Skin Institute created a complete protocol for optimum skin analysis: the Osiao Diagnostic Method. This diagnostic approach accounts for influencing factors both inside the skin and on its surface. Inspired by both Chinese medicine and Western dermatology, the Osiao Diagnostic Method measures a range of parameters related to a woman’s life, health and beauty, including age, lifestyle, environment, stress, fatigue, body condition, skin condition, exercise and diet.

Now, for the first time, a specific recommendation of care can be assigned according to an individual’s unique skin constitution, along with a customized treatment plan, to reveal skin’s true radiance. Osiao features a collection of 19 SKUs designed for topical application and complementary oral use, including the Inner Radiance Concentrate (a serum), Inner Radiance Essence Lotion (a watery lotion) and the Inner Radiance Beauty Tablets, all of which are specific to consumers based on Skin Constitution. Additional products include a collection of moisturizers, cleansers and a mask.

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