FaceLube Automotive supports U.S. Olympic men's water polo team


LOS ANGELES — FaceLube Automotive, the exclusive distributor of the FaceLube and VO Victor Ortiz men's anti-aging skin care lines, is supporting the U.S. Olympic men’s water polo team to the 2012 London Olympics by helping to protect the athletes against premature signs of aging from prolonged exposure to the sun and pool water chemicals.

The FaceLube product chosen for the athletes is the FaceLube Premium kit, from the FaceLube Premier Collection. Made in the United States, the FaceLube Premier Collection combines natural super-botanicals and science-based anti-aging active ingredients for visible and sustainable results.

The FaceLube Premium men’s anti-aging kit includes a set of active ingredients that mimic the cosmetic effects of the botulinum toxin, without the disadvantages and downtime of visits to a cosmetic surgeon’s office, the company stated. The product line is formulated without sulfates, parabens, dyes, fragrances, silicones or controversial chemicals.

FaceLube kits currently retail from $45 to $245, while individual products starts at $10.

Water polo was the first Olympic team sport added to the Olympic program, with the men winning gold at 1904 Olympics. The U.S. Olympic men’s water polo team is also the U.S. national water polo team, which represents the United States at international men's water polo competitions leading up to the Olympics. The team competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where they won silver medal in the final.

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