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Febreze ONE marks additional retail launching with commercial


CINCINNATI — After a limited launch at select retailers, Procter & Gamble is launching Febreze ONE in additional retail stores nationwide. To celebrate the launch, the company will be debuting a nationally televised commercial titled “Run,” which takes aim at the lengths to which consumers go to avoid overwhelming scents and sprays in a humorous light.

“The scent and overpowering sprays of some air fresheners can be so overwhelming that not only can they send folks running for the door — but they can also make the ‘smell situation’ so much worse,” Guerin McClure, associate brand director, North America and Global Air Care at Procter & Gamble said. “With ‘Run,’ we’re light-heartedly addressing the ‘fight or flight’ response that consumers can have while highlighting how Febreze ONE lets users ‘spray and stay.”

Febreze ONE will continue to fight odors as any other products from the brand without the use of aerosols, and will also feature a unique two-in-one formula that gently cleans away odors in the air and on fabrics while providing a light mist in a refillable package. The spray also will come in such nature-inspired, single-note scents as mandarin, orchid, and bamboo.

“We’re so excited to add Febreze ONE to our product lineup,” said Martin Hettich, vice president Home Care North America & Brand Franchise Leader Global Air Care at Procter & Gamble said. “Odor problems impact every household and we wanted to provide a simpler, lighter, fresher way to clear the air that even the biggest ‘scent skeptic’ – someone who runs away from heavy sprays, perfumes and cheap air fresheners — could use and enjoy.”

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