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Febreze revs up fresh scents for cars


CINCINNATI — Febreze is looking to eliminate tough odors and freshen the air in cars, the brand announced.

The Febreze car vent clip features a modern design that allows it to easily attach onto the air vent in the car, providing odor elimination and freshness while on the road. It also includes a unique membrane that allows the product to slowly release scented oils, though consumers can adjust the scent level via the scent intensity dial.

“After listening to consumer needs, we were inspired to shake up the car freshener category and design something that actually worked,” Febreze external relations manager Jeff Pierce said. “The Febreze car vent clip was tailored specifically for the car environment. Discreet in size, the Febreze car freshener is formulated with light, fresh scents that have true odor eliminating power and the technology to slowly release scent day after day without becoming too overpowering.”

Febreze car vent clips are available this month for a suggested retail price of $2.99 and $5.49 for a two-count set. Scents available include Linen and Sky, Meadows and Rain, Hawaiian Aloha and Thai Dragon Fruit.

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