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First Databank launches rebranding effort


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Clinical drug information provider First Databank is rebranding itself, the company said Monday.

FDB said the rebranding initiative was designed to focus attention on the role of integrated drug knowledge in healthcare information technology. The initiative will include a new logo and corporate identity program and revamped website, as well as changes to its drug database, the National Drug Data File and FDB MedKnowledge, and a new blog.

"The healthcare environment, including how medications are ordered, dispensed and administered, has evolved and so have we," FDB president and CEO Greg Dorn said. "Today, we are looking at medication decision-making in a whole new way — driven by a crystal-clear understanding that technology must work, first and foremost, to serve the needs of the clinician. We live in an era where insights and innovation, propelled by collaboration in healthcare delivery, will make an enormous difference in the lives of patients."

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