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Four by four: Four takeaways from four ThoughtSpot executives


At this year’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s ThoughtSpot conference, there were a lot of takeaways from the show that pharmacists can implement immediately upon returning to work. There was a new Innovation and Technology Showcase on the show floor this year. AmerisourceBergen announced its plan to launch a state-of-the-art ordering system called ABC Order, which will be available to customers in 2017. And AmerisourceBergen brought Washington, D.C., and Capitol Hill one click closer to independents with the introduction of

Drug Store News asked four of AmerisourceBergen’s key executives for perspective on the show to find out what really resonated with ThoughtSpot attendees on the show floor.

Brian Nightengale, President Good Neighbor Pharmacy: “[Good Neighbor Pharmacy] will deliver a best-in-class customer experience, and what that means is every touchpoint [our partners] have with us will be easier. That’s a big takeaway. Our new ABC Order system is a great example of how on a daily basis, we [will] make it easier for [independents] to do business. There’s also the strategic relevance [that we bring to] the great suite of services and solutions that will allow independents to be more effective on the business side and more impactful on the clinical side. Engaging with our business coaches and engaging with our merchandisers and the full host of offerings we have, that [Good Neighbor Pharmacy] can customize for them, matching their focus and their passion with our solutions — that is a homerun.”  

Chuck Reed, Group Vice President Pharmacy Innovation and Solutions, AmerisourceBergen: “We are hearing a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of optimism at the show. Despite all the pressures in the industry and the pain points, [ThoughtSpot attendees] are coming here with great perspective and great attitudes. This year for the first time, we set up a separate area called our Innovation and Technology Showcase, and many of our new vendors that are now part of the expansion of the Elevate Provider Network have joined us in that room. And they have impact. I’ve walked the floor with the vendors. They’re ecstatic with the customers that are coming by, the interest, the level of enthusiasm and quite frankly, the sales they’re making. Beyond the showroom, we have a stage set up on the show floor with a variety of topics. The place was packed, just the interest level of our customers to understand and fully absorb all of our solutions, it’s really gratifying. The level of interest is high.”

Bob Mauch, EVP and President AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp.: “I want ThoughtSpot attendees to remember one thing when they leave Las Vegas: AmerisourceBergen is completely committed to the success of Good Neighbor Pharmacy. There are a lot of services and offerings here because we want to help Good Neighbor Pharmacy members be successful. I want them to feel that. I really hope people leave here believing, understanding and trusting that we’re in this with them. We care about their success; we’re investing in their success. And their success is our success, so we’re completely aligned.”

Steve Collis, Chairman, President and CEO, AmerisourceBergen: “AmerisourceBergen is an enduring partner [of independent pharmacy]. This is not something that we’re going to be all-in today and not in tomorrow. In many ways, the partnership is as good as what we both put into it. We have to have good programs and services to make them want to be a part of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, and they have to support them. … Today’s consumer is going to be quite demanding about what their choices are. We want to be a key part of the patient’s wellness program [through Good Neighbor Pharmacy]. We’re working on behalf [of independents] with payers to make sure they get fair and adequate reimbursement, that issues like generic price increases get covered.”

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