Fruth Pharmacy, Green Township Fire Department develop 'Life Vial' program


WAVERLY, Ohio — Fruth Pharmacy has partnered with Green Township Fire Department to launch the “Life Vial” program, which provides a specially designed plastic vial that contains life-saving medical information.

The EMTs and firefighters came up with the idea of a Life Vial during one of their many emergency runs, as family members often were unsure of the medications their loved ones were taking.

Fruth Pharmacy began working with Green Township to develop a way for patients to have their medical information ready in case of an emergency. Enter Life Vial.

During an emergency run, Green Township Fire Department and EMTs will provide families with a Life Vial. In case of a similar emergency in the future, a family can be better prepared to help their loved one by having pertinent medical information available.

Upon receiving a Life Vial, a person needs to complete the paperwork inside the vial. There also is an option to connect your Life Vial information to an online medical account. The Life Vial should then be placed in a conspicuous place in the refrigerator. The Life Vial comes with two stickers. You can place these stickers in a window on your door or near your door. If you need life-saving emergency care, Green Township Firefighters and EMTs are trained to look for these stickers and for the Life Vial.

Fruth Pharmacy operates of 27 locations in Ohio and West Virginia.

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