Gaiam debuts DVDs for yoga enthusiasts


NEW YORK — Gaiam has released two new fitness DVDs centered around yoga.

"Rodney Yee's Core Centered Yoga" teaches users to have a better appreciation and awareness of their body, using the concept of opposition to strengthen underutilized areas and balance out others that they use habitually, as well as increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Yogi Rodney Yee demonstrates how making small adjustments to body placement and positioning during an individual's yoga practice, as well as performing opposing motions, can lead to a more balanced and centered body and mind.

The DVD features five different workouts, plus a downloadable meditation practice. "Rodney Yee's Core Centered Yoga" has an approximate runtime of 50 minutes and a suggested retail price of $14.98.

In related news, Gaiam also has released Maya Fiennes' "Yoga for Real Life." Fiennes' yoga is based on the discipline, Kundalini yoga, which is a practice that fully engages the mind, body, and spirit, focusing on health and healing to improve the body through the use of its own energy.

Maya Fiennes' "Yoga for Real Life" has an approximate runtime of 60 minutes and a suggested retail price of $14.98.

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