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Gerber introduces Good Start Soothe formula


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Gerber has introduced a new infant formula that is designed to reduce excessive crying and colic in healthy infants.

Gerber Good Start Soothe formula is milk-based and contains the probiotic L. reuteri, which aims to reduce crying time among colicky babies. The formula features the Comfort Proteins Advantage, which makes it easy for babies to digest, and also has a carbohydrate blend with 30% lactose for fussiness and gas in infants with lactose intolerance.

"Anyone who has experienced a crying baby with colic will understand the significance of this innovation," Gerber medical director Jose Saavedra said. "Now we can offer parents a solution for excessive crying and colic in a formula that meets the nutritional needs of babies."

In related news, Gerber plans to launch Gerber Soothe colic relief drops with L. reuteri later this year. This probiotic supplement will join Gerber Good Start Soothe formula to offer parents more options to help provide relief to babies with excessive crying and colic.

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