Gillette, Olympians celebrate 'Get Started' campaign with ceremonial shave


LONDON — Such Olympians as Ryan Lochte, Alain Bernard and Liam Tancock, among others, celebrated Gillette’s "Get Started" campaign on Sunday with a ceremonial shave that took place in the Gillette Lounge at the P&G Family Home.

This honorary shave served to not only celebrate the company’s global campaign, but also to honor these Olympians and their accomplishments during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

“These athletes exemplify Gillette’s conviction that in athletics and in life, a great start can go great lengths toward being successful in your endeavors,” said Patrice Louvet, president of Global Shave Care for P&G. “Gillette is linked to great starts for more than 800 million men around the world every day and through these athletes, our ‘Get Started’ campaign is aimed at educating and provided the next generation of men with a great start in their lives.”

As part of Gillette’s global “Get Started” campaign, Lochte also presented a check worth $25,000 to the USOC’s P&G|Team USA Youth Sports Fund, a fund aimed at providing broader access to youth sports development. Lochte is one of 25 Gillette brand ambassador athletes at this year’s Olympic Games who are inspiring and encouraging future generations of men and Olympians to achieve greatness through great starts in athletics and life. This Gillette campaign was the first program launched as part of P&G’s global partnership with the IOC and support of the Olympic Movement, which carries through the next five Olympics to the 2020 Games.

The Gillette Lounge within the P&G Family Home is a refuge providing men with many of the creature comforts they typically enjoy at home. Featuring a grooming lounge, pool tables, video games and a viewing area, the Male Grooming Space allows athletes and their families to unwind from the day and get prepared for a great start the following day.

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