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Gillette promotes Odor Shield antiperspirant/deodorant via 'My City is My Gym' campaign


CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble’s men’s grooming brand Gillette has announced the launch of its “My City is My Gym” campaign, which encourages men to take their exercise routines outdoors and put Gillette’s Odor Shield antiperspirant/deodorant to the test.

Harnessing this growing trend of outdoor physical activity, Gillette is partnering with three hometown professional athletes to create pop-up outdoor “My City is My Gym” fitness sites across the country. On Oct. 4, hockey star Patrick Sharp will be in Chicago, on Oct. 18, former pro football star Dhani Jones will be in New York City, and on Nov. 8, football legend Jerry Rice will be in San Francisco to challenge locals to expand their fitness regimes outdoors. The outdoor fitness stations were designed by the nation’s top fitness experts and capitalize on common urban surroundings, like bus shelters, construction scaffolding, city greenways, park benches, and even newsstands, to create the ultimate all-around workout.

Gillette’s Odor Shield antiperspirant/deodorant and body wash are ideal for outdoor fitness training because they eliminate odor, rather than mask it. The products contain intelligent microcapsule technology, based on betacyclodextrin, a cyclic molecule that traps and locks away bad odors as they occur and at the same time releases fresh fragrance from the perfumes loaded within it.

“Gillette’s BCD technology helps alleviate the unfortunate byproduct of rigorous exercise by neutralizing odor caused by perspiration,” stated Tim Nolan, senior scientist at P&G. “Now, men can focus on their workout, without feeling self-conscious about sweat and body odor.”


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