Global study reveals correlation between insulin dosing irregularities, hypoglycemia


PHILADELPHIA — One-quarter of Type 2 diabetes patients do not take basal insulin as prescribed, while more than one-third suffer from hypoglycemia, according to a global survey funded by Novo Nordisk.

The Global Attitudes of Patients and Physicians survey — which surveyed online 3,042 people with Type 2 diabetes using insulin analog and 1,653 healthcare professionals across six countries — found that in the previous 30 days, 22% of Type 2 diabetes patients worldwide missed a dose of basal insulin, 24% mistimed a dose by more than two hours and 14% reduced a basal insulin dose, while 36% of those surveyed experienced a hypoglycemic event during the same time period.

Researchers also noted a correlation between dosing irregularities and hypoglycemia while conducting the GAPP2 survey. For instance, those who missed a basal insulin dose in the past 30 days were significantly more likely to report self-treated hypoglycemia over the same period (41% compared with 34%).

"A considerable proportion of people with Type 2 diabetes are missing or mistiming their long-acting insulin," said lead researcher and health psychologist Meryl Brod of The Brod Group. "The challenges of addressing dosing irregularities and self-treated hypoglycemia are critical for improving patient care as they greatly impact the achievement of optimal glycemic control."

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