GMDC incorporates virtual conferencing element into annual conference


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Global Market Development Center on Tuesday announced the introduction of Telepresence service as part of its 42nd GMDC General Merchandise Conference to be held in Orlando, Fla., June 1 to 5. According to the association, the introduction of Telepresence will extend the reach of GMDC’s usual physical meetings to incorporate virtual connections to company headquarters or even more remote locations, such as home offices or those traveling who rely on tablet technology.

Through Telepresence, companies involved in the “pilot sessions” during the conference will experience life-sized participation that “feels real." GMDC’s extensive testing in Telepresence also has revealed new ways to reach out to global connections from the comfort of a home or office. This will be demonstrated during the GM12 Conference at the GMDC Connect Demo Center, which will provide Telepresence training sessions every 30 minutes as a vehicle to introduce members into a virtual meeting environment.

Since Telepresence is being held as a pilot, only select attendees will be directly involved in this year’s Telepresence activities, but GMDC is offering all conference attendees a chance to see this technology first-hand for themselves. During the demonstration sessions, GMDC will be distributing information that provides advice on “Tips for Successful Telepresence."

“By utilizing the powerfully enabling technology that is available today to make this happen, GMDC will be generating an environment that will be much easier and infinitely more cost effective to get the right people seated at the meetings and move business forward,” stated Dave McConnell, president and CEO of GMDC. “We are excited to be able to enhance what has, and continues to be, a highly productive meeting."

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