GNC, Mark Wahlberg debut new sports, active nutrition product line


PITTSBURGH — A new line of performance nutrition products developed by leading GNC scientists and wellness experts in partnership with actor Mark Wahlberg has made its debut.

Marked, which consists of seven sports and active nutrition products, provides the ultimate performance nutrition for anyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals, GNC said. Wahlberg will serve as the leading brand ambassador and will drive the marketing approach for the Marked product line, which will be sold at GNC stores nationwide.

The lineup includes:

  • Maximum Nutrition daily pack: Daily multivitamin pack features four compounds to help support optimal body health;

  • Blast and Burn pack: Four-part muscle-sculpting, metabolism-boosting program helps achieve desired physique;

  • Pre-Workout Igniter: Formula delivers fast-absorbing muscle fuel and energy for a better workout;

  • Mass Gainer: Provides a physique-building nutritional platform for adding lean muscle mass;

  • 100% Whey Protein Complex: An ideal foundation for optimal athletic performance; and

  • Protein shake and bar: Performance shakes and bars with protein and fiber to stay fuller longer.

"GNC and Mark share a strong mutual passion for helping people improve their quality of life through proper exercise, diet and supplementation. I have seen Mark repetitively reinforce this message in his everyday life and could not be more pleased that we are undertaking this initiative together," GNC president and CEO Joe Fortunato said.

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