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Green Smoke E-cigs



Green Smoke® E-Cigs New Packaging and Greater Value

Smokers can now buy a reusable sleek carrying case for their disposables or rechargeables, to enjoy a variety of flavors and nicotine levels that equals up to 2 packs of cigarettes in vapor volume.

With the latest technology for long lasting batteries and the freshness of firmly sealed cartridges, Green Smoke® provides the familiar experience smokers expect. Robust flavors such as Tobacco, Red Tobacco and Menthol provide the variety that smokers are looking for.

Green Smoke® E-Cigs is certainly the brand any retailer serious about their electronic cigarette business should stock. Their proven track record, high retention numbers and unbeatable quality products ensures that customers will continue returning. MSRP: $9.99

For more information call 1-888-636-2618 or visit

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