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GroovyGrams bridges the digital divide in greeting cards


SEATTLE -- There's a new digital service that aims to disrupt the greeting card industry, with a surprising twist.

GroovyGrams is an online subscription service that takes digital comments and turns them into handwritten, personalized physical cards. The company is targeting the loved ones of older adults who are not tech-savvy. By subscribing with GroovyGrams, a Millennial, for example, can keep in touch with grandma without her having to use social media or email.

According to the Pew Research Center, "Older adults face a number of hurdles to adopting new technologies." These include physical challenges like poor eyesight and hearing, hands that shake and make it difficult to press buttons. Also, only 18% of older adults are smartphone owners and only 27% use social networking sites.

GroovyGrams will email customers on the schedule they choose, asking if there’s a message from them to their recipient. If no reply is received in 24 hours, then a card with general good wishes will be mailed. All cards are handwritten, in large, easy to read print, and mailed without any GroovyGrams identifying logos – just a generic return address. 

Learn more about GroovyGrams by clicking here.



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