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Hair restoration expert Dr. Robert Leonard develops hair care line


CRANSTON, R.I. — Chief surgeon and founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates Dr. Robert Leonard, who is also a national spokesman for Rogaine and the hair loss expert for Johnson & Johnson, has announced the launch of Copper Chemist, a hair care product line formulated to harness the regenerative properties of copper peptides, the naturally occurring small protein fragments known to increase hair growth.

“Many of today’s hair care products use harsh detergents that actually damage our hair,” Leonard stated. “Copper Chemist replaces these detergents with naturally occurring extracts, including copper peptides, to promote healthy, strong and radiant hair.”

In addition to copper peptides, other ingredients in Copper Chemist shampoo include the antioxidant green tea, as well as red algae extract. Wheat and silk proteins in Copper Chemist conditioner strengthen hair, while alpha hydroxy acids from natural sugarcane and fruit extracts provide healthy shine and easy manageability.

“Copper Chemist is not intended solely for people with thinning hair; it’s recommended for anyone who wants healthier-looking hair,” Leonard stated. “Just as we take vitamins to give our body a boost, we should use hair care products designed to give our hair a boost.”

Copper Chemist is free of sulfates, phthalates and parabens. It’s a unisex product featuring a rosemary mint fragrance and has an introductory price of $17 per bottle. It is currently available online at

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