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Hannaford launches pharmacy benefits plan


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. Hannaford Supermarkets and HealthTrans, a health care management solutions company, on Monday announced the introduction of a community-based pharmacy benefits plan, designed specifically as a solution for employers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York.

"Employers are challenged with keeping their employees happy and healthy while seeking new ways to contain health care costs," stated Millard Nance, vice president of pharmacy. "The patient-centric prescription benefit plan rewards employees with best-of-class service, and employers with desired cost savings and improved workplace productivity."

As a result of Hannaford's value-based plan design, employees will receive better prescription benefits without increased premiums. The plan can be modified to provide as much flexibility as desired to meet an employer's overall business goals.

Additionally, employers and employees will benefit from a highly accessible network of community-based clinical pharmacists and pharmacies that provide comprehensive services, including clinical prescription management, disease management, specialty pharmacy, and a focus on health and wellness care. Pharmacy services are regionally located in 127 stores.

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