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HeadBlade introduces new head shaving model


NEW YORK — After three years in development, HeadBlade is introducing its most innovative design since the original HeadBlade Classic in 1999. Enter the HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor.

The new HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor is now available online and will hit retail stores in early 2013. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for ATX is $15 at; the manufacturer's suggested retail price for HB4 Blade Refills is $11.97 at

It is a completely new design that will be compatible with HeadBlade's most advanced blade offering yet: the HB4 Blade Cartridge.  


The ATX All Terrain Razor utilizes HeadBlade' s patented finger ring and car-like suspension, but the new design now has the blade suspended in the back by a spring action device, reducing any learning curve and virtually eliminating the chance of nicks or cuts, the company stated. This new configuration also allows the ATX All Terrain Razor to be used as a multipurpose shaver, suitable for the face, body and legs. The HB4 Cartridge features improved blade quality with new open back architecture and flow-through design that allows for easy rinsing.


What sets HeadBlade razors apart, the company stated, is the fact that the user is able to shave by feel (with the razor sitting closer to the head and the user being able to touch the head with fingers while shaving). Launched in 1999, the original HeadBlade was offered with generic twin blade refills. In 2005, the HeadBlade Sport Razor was introduced with HeadBlade's first OEM blade offering: the HB3 triple blades. The addition of wheels provided a smoother shave and made the razor more intuitive for the first-time user (the HeadBlade is meant to be driven like a car). Since then, all models have had a similar design to ensure ease and comfort for the user.


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