Herborium's all-natural, herbal energy drinks expected this fall


Herborium Group announced today that its proprietary energy drinks, which contain all herbal ingredients, will hit the market this fall and will complement the company's sexual health product line.

Herborium's energy drinks are all-natural and contain caffeine, sugar and B vitamins in safe amounts, according to the company. The $8 billion energy drink segment is the fastest-growing niche in the beverage market, according to Herborium, up 16% since last year.

"We are extremely excited to move into the commercialization stage for our unique healthy energy product that can also fight jet lag and has no adverse effects," said Agnes Olszewski, chairman and CEO of Herborium. "Our product contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that provide for an immediate lift of energy and alertness as well as for longer lasting beneficial effects, without jittery feeling and a 'crash' associated with caffeine and sugar containing drinks."

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