higi, ADA partner on education campaign during American Diabetes Month


CHICAGO — Health and Wellness platform higi announced Monday that it would be partnering with the American Diabetes Association on a new education campaign called “Eat Well, America!,” which will be promoted in the 10,000 retail locations with higi’s health stations during American Diabetes Month. 


“higi and the American Diabetes Association share the same goal of creating meaningful, lasting and healthy habits for individuals and their families who are struggling with diabetes,” higi CEO Jeff Bennett said. “We are proud to work closely with a venerable organization like the the American Diabetes Association to fight this systemic health problem that impacts millions of lives, through new and creative collaborations.” 


Throughout November, people can participate — via higi’s health stations, app and web portal — in an “Eat Well, America!” challenge, with a grand prize of a $500 gift card to a higi retailer or a cookbook signed by ADA-featured authors. Participants earn points for checking in at high stations — 50 for checking blood pressure and another 50 for checking their weight. 


“It’s the small, everyday decisions people make that add up to a healthier lifestyle,” Maggie Powers, the ADA’s president-elect of health care and education. “As a certified diabetes educator, I encourage people to think critically about what they eat and incorporate exercise into their lives as these actions contribute to wellness on the whole. Creating achievable goals for healthy habits and tracking everyday progress is an excellent way to prevent, delay or manage diabetes.”   

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