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Honor opens two senior-care service centers in Walmart


DALLAS - Walmart on Tuesday opened a senior care service in two Dallas locations. Honor, a leader in high-quality home care for older adults, announced it is launching its Dallas-Fort Worth service and inviting residents to learn more about "Honor Care at Home" at the mass merchant.

"This is an exciting opportunity for Honor to work with the world's largest retail company to offer families access to information about high-quality home care as well as ways to help Dallas-Fort Worth residents grow older in their own homes with joy, comfort and grace," stated Seth Sternberg Honor CEO.

Honor will serve as an education center where families can learn more about home care and receive wellness and safety tips for their loved ones.

"As a resident, I am excited that I can help my neighbors and provide a valuable service in a space that is convenient, comfortable, and full of information for families who have busy lives and passion about caring for their aging family members," commented Honor general manager Kathryn Parsons. "They can shop for products in Walmart geared toward aging adults and visit our care consultants who can help create tailored care plans.  In addition, Honor is now hiring local Care Pros to help our community of baby boomers stay in their homes as they age."

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