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Hot OTC products at NACDS Total Store Expo 2014 - Part 3


Similasan’s Arnica Active

Similasan introduced its new Similasan Arnica Active along with a packaging refresh for all of its items at this year’s NACDS TSE. The launch features a spray-on SKU, which differentiates the product from other arnica options on the market. In addition to pain relief, arnica is indicated for the relief of bruising, and is an ingredient that is becoming popular across external analgesic rubs as a natural alternative to internal analgesics. For the 52 weeks ended June 15, sales of the external analgesic rub category  reached $486.9 million, up 6.7%, across total U.S. multi-outlets according to IRI. 



Vapor Rub

Perfecta Products is showcasing its Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub chest rub, featuring a roller applicator so users don’t have to use their hands to apply the mentholated cough suppressant to their child’s chest — or their own chest. The applicator innovation may help boost sales in the category, which was relatively flat through June 15, with sales of $88.6 million across total U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI. A 4-oz. tube will retail for a suggested $11.99. In addition to natural menthol, the product contains organic arnica, beeswax, coconut oil and eucalyptus. 



VitaMelts Multivitamins

While the billion-dollar multivitamin business is relatively flat overall — growing at a 0.2% rate to $1.7 billion for the 52 weeks ended June 15 across total U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI — gummy vitamins and other alternatives to multivitamins in tablet form are trending. Capitalizing on that trend, Pharmavite extended its line of NatureMade VitaMelts with a Multivitamin SKU. The multivitamin is formulated with vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as B vitamins thiamin (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3), folic acid (B-9) and B-12. The product comes in a tropical fruit flavor and sells for a suggested $5.99. 



Diabetes Smart Tracker

New to NACDS TSE, Vigilant is launching a line of connected devices designed to help Type 1 diabetics better manage their disease. Called the Bee, the Diabetes Smart Tracker serves as a cap for most insulin pens and allows users to track wirelessly how much insulin they’ve injected. Users turn on the Bee device and dial up the amount of insulin, and that information is relayed to the Vigilant Bee app. Blood-glucose readings from a separate blood-glucose meter also can be uploaded to the app using the device. 


True Metrix Self-Monitoring and Pro Professional Monitoring

Nipro Diagnostics launched the True Metrix Self-Monitoring blood-glucose system and the True Metrix Pro Professional Monitoring blood-glucose system meters at this year’s NACDS TSE. The meters feature pre- and post-meal tags that enable patients to mark blood-glucose results to see how food affects blood glucose. Additionally, the products allow patients to tie such notable events as exercise, medication and sickness — as well as other occasions — to blood-glucose readings in order to determine patterns and trends, resulting in better decision-making for diabetes management. True Metrix will be made available beginning in the fourth quarter under partner brands or under Nipro Diagnostics’ own True brand of products.

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