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Innovative wireless chargers to hit retail shelves


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Life Clips Inc. has entered into an agreement with Toys R Us for an initial test run of LifeClips' Mobeego brand of one-time use wireless chargers.

Toys R Us has agreed to test market Mobeego in 20 of its 81 total stores in Canada. According to Toys R Us, upon favorable results of the initial test run, Toys R Us would potentially back a full rollout for all stores in Canada.

"This is a big opportunity for us," states Life Clips CEO, Bob Gruder. "The real opportunity here not only is the exposure Mobeego will get just from this pilot run, but also the potential to have Toys R Us back the full roll out for every store in Canada. This deal with Toys R Us is right in line with our initial goal of targeting and then placing our branded products in big box retail outlets this year."

Life Clips is a primarily a developer and manufacturer of action cameras aimed at families, action sports enthusiasts, and those on vacation. 

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