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Insight Pharmaceuticals launches Nix Complete Lice Elimination Kit


TRABUCO CANYON, Calif. — Insight Pharmaceuticals recently introduced the Nix Complete Lice Elimination Kit, which contains everything parents need to combat lice in three easy steps.

Nix’s active ingredient — permethrin — is maximum strength and clinically proven to be the most effective at killing head lice, the company stated. In addition, Nix’s Crème Rinse is the most-recommended treatment by the Academy of Pediatrics, Insight noted.

The product kills both lice and lice eggs with a single application that protects against lice reinfestation for up to 14 days, according to the company. 

In addition to Nix Crème Rinse, the Nix Complete Lice Elimination Kit includes a Nix Combing Gel to make combing out nits easier, a metal two-sided comb and a Nix Lice Control Spray for bedding, furniture and other non-washable items. 

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