iSatori launches Voots fruit and vegetable supplement for kids


GOLDEN, Colo. The prevalence of childhood obesity oftentimes drives the debate behind appropriate nutrition for children — taking sugary carbonated beverages out of schools, for example, or replacing tater tots on a school’s lunchtime menu with a healthy dosing of vegetables.

But the kids still have to eat their veggies. And outside of school lunch, parents are challenged with balancing the convenience of a fast-food option like McDonald’s against making sure their children get three servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

And that brings to the table iSatori Technologies, which launched its Voots fruit and vegetable supplement last month at the ECRM Vitamin, Diet & Sports Nutrition conference. According to CEO Stephen Adele, who began working on the idea following a kitchen table conversation with his wife on how to get his own three daughters their daily fruits and veggies, more than 93% of children are fruit-and-vegetable deficient.

iSatori is placing more than $12 million in 2009 against driving awareness around Voots, which fits those three recommended daily servings into a sweet-tart tasting chewable, without refined sugars and without any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

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